Weather in Florence Italy

Il Biancone statue against a clear sky in summer in Piazza Signoria

Weather in Florence Italy is good almost all year round.  

Heck - the summer can last up to 5 months!  

Warm sunny days start coming in May and can go on until even October…   

That gives vacationers quite a bit of choice for coming to Florence in the warm season.

But winter in Firenze is not to be ruled out...the city's calmer and prices go down, a big plus!

Also, when the cold weather does finally arrive, it’s never a cold cold (I’m from New York so I grew up with frigid winters – I know cold when I feel it!).

When the weather is ‘bad’ here, that generally means rain.

Find out more about Florence weather with the tables below.

Monthly Breakdown - Weather in Florence Italy

The temperatures below refer to average highs and lows.

Average High Average Low 
.Far. (Cel)Far. (Cel) 
Jan52° (11°)35° (2°)fickle, sun and rain on and off
Feb55° (13°)37° (3°)fickle, sun and rain on and off
Mar60° (16°)41° (5°)fickle, sun and rain on and off
Apr65° (19°)45° (8°)often rainy and overcast
May75° (24°)53° (12°)mild, sunny, some rain
Jun82° (28°)59° (15°)warm and sunny
Jul88° (31°)64° (18°)hot and sunny
Aug89° (32°)64° (18°)hot and sunny
Sep80° (27°)60° (14°)warm and sunny
Oct69° (20°)50° (10°)fickle, sun and rain on and off
Nov58° (15°)41° (5°)often rainy and overcast
Dec52° (11°)36° (3°)cold and brisk, some rain

BTW, if you're wondering why there's no mention of snow in the chart, it because snow is extremely rare in Florence, and when it does fall, we’re only talking a few inches…  

It’s snowed a total of 3 times in the 23 years I’ve lived here!   

Current Weather in Florence Italy

Weather Today in Florence

Pros and Cons for Different Times of the Year - Weather in Florence Italy

Frozen fountain in Santo Spirito

go here for more original pictures of Florence

It's an adventure to explore Florence in winter, you never know what you're going to find.

The cobblestone streets and antique piazzas have so many mysterious nooks and crannies that are hard to catch with the crowds of summer.  

But summer is still the busiest time of year for tourism in Florence. 

Over 4 million tourists come here in summer, and with a population of barely 400,000 people, that's pretty mind-boggling!

One thing about summer here though, if you don't like very hot weather and prefer avoiding crowds when traveling, summer in Florence is probably not for you.

Read the pros and cons for each time of the year below.


Pros: lots of concerts, operas and local festivals taking place outside, plenty of open-air restaurants and sidewalk cafés to enjoy, great for day trips from Florence to nearby beach towns  

Cons: crowds and long lines at museums, heat can get uncomfortable (it’s been known to hit the high 90’s in August), prices for hotels and flights go up


A winter morning near Ponte Vecchio

Pros: city is quieter and less crowded which makes it more romantic (lovebirds, are you listening??), lower rates for hotels and flights, great for culture vultures: no museum lines (so, no need to pre-book - you save money there too!)

Cons: always the chance of rain, roads can get foggy and/or icy so not recommended if you want to venture to the countryside or villages nearby

Autumn and Spring:

Bee on a sunflower in Florence in Spring

These seasons are a good middle road, with Spring being the slightly better choice of the two. 

From April to June the mild climate is just right for Florence sightseeing outdoors, and the Tuscan countryside starts bursting with marvelous fields of poppies and towards June the sunflowers arrive too - perfect for day excursions.

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