Car Service from Hotel to Airport

by Byron Best
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

Carol, from the research I have done I am still wondering the best way to get TO the airport from a B&B near Santa Croce. My flight is at 6:55 AM on a Saturday and I see that buses don't run that early. Should I make plans through my hotel to have a car take us to the airport about 4:30 am? Any suggestions would be most helpful.


Hi Byron,

You're right, there is no public transport that early which will get you to the airport by 5 a.m. (assuming you want to be there about 2 hours before flight as is usually recommended by airlines). From piazza Santa Croce to the airport at that time (no traffic at all!) should take maximum 20 minutes.

The best thing is to just have the B&B call a taxi for you. As you see on the chart on the page, at that time the fixed rate is €23.30 from any downtown location.

Just a warning, the taxi company often doesn't accept bookings and you have to just call when you need the car, so if you don't have access to a cell phone that works in Italy and the B&B doesn't have 24 hour reception services (many small B&B's don't) this could be a problem.

Check with your accommodation as soon as you get there and they should be able to set you up with a solution (eg, there might be a taxi stand just a block or so from your B&B so you might just be able to go there on foot, or they might have a booking arrangement with taxis).

Hope this helps and have a great time in Florence!


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